The Other Eye of The Tiger | Martyrmuseum: The Gallery
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Martyrmuseum: The Gallery

In 2017 we where invited to bring the installation and performance ‘Martyrmuseum’ to the international art festival Nordwind. Due to the massive scale and site-specific nature of the original ‘Martyrmuseum’, we had to re-think everything. This manifested in this interactive installation that we named ‘Martyrmuseum: The Gallery’. The installation was staged in Berlin and Hamburg and received much attention in all the biggest German news-outlets as well as major international interest and attention. The installation also nearly caused an international incident, when the french ambassador to Germany called for the german government to close the installation.


Director: Henrik Grimbäck / Stage and costume design: Ida Grarup Nielsen / Sound design: Asger Kudahl / Lighting design: Súni Joensen / Props and stagemanager: Mia-Luise Heide / Actor: Morten Hee Andersen / Producer and dramaturg: Tanja Diers