The Other Eye of The Tiger | Holes
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A seven day long, extremely ambitious, project where we collectively set out to experiment with all the parameters of the theatrical experience. The perspective of the audience was changed, as they where seated under the stage, with only their heads inside the perfomance space. The stage was built as a terrarium, with living grass and a giant rabbit inside. All sound was experienced through 3D sound, by using live binaural sound recording of the actors and mixing the voices with predesigned soundscapes and recordings.

A video of the performance is imbedded on this page. Watch it with headphones to get the full 3D experience.


Director: Henrik Grimbäck / Stage and costume design: Ida Grarup Nielsen / Sound design: Asger Kudahl / Lighting design: Súni Joensen / Props and stagemanager: Mia-Luise Heide / Builder: Rumle Dons / Actors: Morten Hee Andersen, Katrine Leth Nielsen & Peter Schlie / Rabbit: Taco Shell