The Other Eye of The Tiger | Joey on Tour
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Joey on Tour

In september Joey Chestnut will be a part of European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) festival New / Now. It was picked out by an international jury of 15 experts, representing each of the five artistic categories, selects work that:
• engages with, and makes a bold contribution to, leading edge practice in the international
field of the category;
• demonstrates clear potential as work that is likely to achieve a good professional standard
of presentation;
• is likely to stimulate the interest of promoters, curators, festival organisers, and/or producers working in the professional field of the discipline;
• is suitable for presentation and likely to stimulate the interest of an international audience;
• together with the other work selected within the discipline, contributes to the presentation of a diverse range within the category.

We are so pleased and happy to be chosen and please come and se us perform in Amsterdam. Here you can see how the festival progresses on social media. Or why not visit the official website?