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The future of theatre
The Other Eye of The Tiger is an artist collective, where the 6 core members are working collaboratively on the concept, direction and performance of our work. The collective is conceptualizing together but all come from different fields of the performing arts. In our work we strive to start with different parameters which we desire to maximize in every instance of what we produce. As a group we invite other artists, performers and technicians to collaborate on projects to help us reach higher than we would on our own. In our effort to seek and bend the boundaries of performing arts we hope to break new ground, create new possibilities and re-invent theatre as an art-form. Originating from 3 nationalities, the 6 members in the collective graduated together from the Danish National School of Performing arts in 2016.



Henrik Grimbäck

A multifaceted director with a huge crush on mixed media and the exploration of the outer borders of theatre.


Mia-Luise Heide

Stage Manager and Props designer, with a penchant for producing and a love for collaborations, extraordinary theatre and storytelling.

Lighting Designer

Súni Joensen

Lighting Designer based in the Faroe Islands, but mostly working in Denmark. For more info please visit


Morten Hee Andersen

A super friendly danish actor renowned for his physical acting skills and great talent in the field of interaction with audience.

Set Designer

Ida Grarup Nielsen

A danish scenographer with a clear aesthetics, morbid humor and an endless amount of innovation in her works.

Sound Designer

Asger Kudahl

Danish sound designer and alternative instrumental music komponist for performing arts. For more info please visit

Photos by Martin Dam Kristensen